February 04, 2016

Im Back

Ok Here i am , back for a while . And then i decide to do nothing.

What to do with this blog. Im now playing instagram.

July 22, 2014

The orange juice

So im taking care of my orange juice today. Its fun and fresh .

Lontong medan @ bandrek putra langkat

I post about this on my blog couple years ago.

Im so just lucky , this roadside foodstall is very near to my house. They sell this lontong medan / nasi gurih / bandrek only at night .

This is good. Its good to be back and blog again . I have so much crap to write. Hehe im so free currently . Im no longer working with uneducated monkey like hmmmm let say 8 years ago . I should blog about my job next time.

Anyway guys you should try this lontong . Some lontong just made your day to be happy . And this lontong fullfil the details.

Are you there ? Anyone read this blog ?

I always late and like the old time , internet still look like shit and the haze is still around us since forever.

Like everyone else in this country , we are "deg deg-an" heart pumping little fast to wait for the "who is the president" tomorrow is the announcment . Hopefully  indonesia have so much peace tomorrow.

Time to watch movie , andy lau "shaolin" now at global TV .

Ps. The picture showing the ink-finger after presidential election 9th july 2014.

August 24, 2012

Ohh holiday

Its still holiday mood . I just had my 5 days of holiday at siantar

Very fun , the crazy taxi driver and now the crazy bus driver.

This is the last minute of holiday and im on the 12 hours nightmare road trip from siantar to pekanbaru . Ppl smoking inside this so called airconditioned bus.

Like every other holiday , this is the end of august holiday and i have another one coming on september yeah ...

Haihhhh too many months without writing....

June 19, 2012

New hobby

Other than swimming now , I enjoy cycling . But I get lucky coz the place for cycling is clean and very nature , we can see monkey , boars and exotic bird . Very amazing

May 07, 2012

traditional market

its her holiday. we start with visiting the traditional market.

the market called pasar pagi jalan durian. means morning market @ durian street.
a very good morning and as usual @ my hometown, for eveyday,we can always get a fresh chicken (pretty cruel. the abang need to chop the chicken first )

not only chicken. we had a marvelous fresh vegetables
everyday and the price is very very much affordable.

i love Indonesia. a very fast growing country.

this is it. we spend an hour to buy our ingredients for tonight coocking...

well she still confuse with kangkung and daun ubi
.. haha

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